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Save money on Aspen petrol in the Reading, Berkshire area

Aspen Environmental Petrol

Aspen 2-stroke and 4-stroke alkylate petrol is the cleanest form of petrol that is available on the market. Using normal premium unleaded petrol in small capacity engines without catalytic converters is damaging for your health, the environment and not particularly clever for the machinery.

Unleaded pump fuel contains ethanol, a form of alcohol which damages small engines. This alcohol attracts moisture from the atmosphere and actually dissipates the oil in your engine on contact. On a two-stroke engine, this seriously reduces the amount of lubrication which the engine receives and can lead to the engine seizing. This process also creates a gummy residue, called shellack, that clogs filters and hoses.

Over time, ethanol also begins rotting away the rubber or vinyl hoses on your engine, like the fuel lines, and that dissolved rubber or vinyl gets sent into the cylinders. When combustion occurs, those contaminants form a gooey sludge, which robs engine performance, damages the pistons, and eventually will destroy the small engine.

Aspen alkylate petrol contains no ethanol, virtually no sulphur, and does not contain benzene or aromatics. The ready mixed Aspen 2-stroke alkylate petrol also eliminates the risk of incorrect mixing, a common cause of engine failures (very costly mistakes).

Alkylate Petrol is made from the gases from the top of the distillation tower which are then synthetically modified into a liquid again. The result is a petrol that is almost totally free from sulphur, benzene and aromatics (solvents). It is chemically inert meaning that you can leave the fuel in the machinery and your lawnmower will start trouble free the following Spring. An added bonus is that it does not smell, the exhaust does not smell, it will not smoke and you are breathing a much cleaner air when you are mowing your lawn.

Aspen - better for you and the environment

Lawn mower exhausts are extremely dirty compared to fumes from normal cars that are equipped with catalytic converters. Would you have your afternoon tea behind your cars exhaust pipe??? Did not think so but you would probably happily cut your lawn with your motorised lawn mover without catalytic converters using normal petrol full of benzene and solvents. Also if you like to grow your own vegetables these will then be covered with harmful fumes...

Use Aspen 4 and you will discover a cleaner working environment - now you can cut your lawn without polluting the world and damaging your lungs.

Aspen 2 is also chemically inert so you can comfortably leave the fuel in the machine and it will not gum-up. It will also store for at least 5 years in the supplied container whereas normal petrol can start to go off after 30 days.

Sonning Mowers are proud to be dealers for Aspen Environmental Fuel. We believe that although Aspen is more expensive than unleaded pump fuel, the benefits to you, your machine and the environment are more than worth the additional cost.

It's long shelf life and the fact that you can leave it in the machine over Winter in the knowledge that it will restart next Spring mean that you will never waste petrol again. Why not pop in to our showroom in Reading and ask for a demo of what pump fuel does to your lawnmower.

Aspen Fuel at Sonning Mowers

  • Aspen 4 stroke petrol - 5 litres: £18.49
  • Aspen 4 stroke petrol - 1 litre: £4.79

  • Aspen 2 stroke petrol - 5 litres: £18.99
  • Aspen 2 stroke petrol - 1 litre: £4.99

Great deals on Aspen 2 stroke petrol

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