Gardencare GC262 CH Strimmer

Gardencare Engine
At the heart of any petrol powered machine is its engine. Gardencare realise this and so only put reliable, durable and easy starting engines on their products.

Bump-feed nylon head
The bump-feed nylon head is a quick and reliable way to release more trimming line if it breaks during use. Simply tap the head on the ground and enough replacement line will be discharged.
Easy-use controls
Using outdoor machinery for any length of time can become uncomfortable. That is why all Gardencare machinery is equipped with easy-to-use, well positioned and comfortable controls.

Image missing, sorry Our price: £119

The Gardencare 262CH Bent Shaft Strimmer is lightweight to use, with a powerful engine.
The Gardencare 262CH is the lightest strimmer in the range. With its powerful 26cc full crank engine, easy to use controls and simple starting procedure, this trimmer is ideally suited for trimming around small areas of grass and around obstacles.
This reliable, durable, easy starting machine is ideally suited to the domestic gardener.


Our price: £119
Engine: 2 Stroke 26cc 0.75kW Power Output
D Shape handle
Solid shaft
Orange Twin Bump Feed Head
C/W Single Shoulder Harnesss
Weight: 4.9kg
Domestic Warranty: 2 Years

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Gardencare GC430 UH

Our price: £229.99

The Gardencare 430UH Straight Shaft Brushcutter features bike type handles for improved operator comfort. Its powerful 33cc full crank engine provides faster acceleration, more power, added torque and increased fuel effciency.
This brushcutter is ideally suited for working on large areas of tough grass and around obstacles.
This robust, powerful brushcutter is designed for the professional landscaper or for frequent heavy use.


Our price: £229.99
Engine: 2 Stroke 43cc
Cow-Horn Handle - swivel type
Solid straight shaft
Orange Twin Bump Feed Head
Metal Blade
Weight: 9.0kg
Domestic Warranty: 2 Years